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Merika's Photography

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Merika Rock


Merika, a dedicated professional with a wealth of experience in various roles, showcases a broad skill set encompassing brand building, content creation, marketing, and sales representation. Her expertise spans multiple domains, including on-camera hosting, celebrity fashion styling, image consultancy, red-carpet media production, video editing, web design, photography, event hosting, modeling, and experiential marketing.

Her career began with her emergence as an illustrative art model, celebrated for her ability to portray diverse ethnicities. She has a heritage blending Mexican, German, and Cherokee ancestry, so she graced covers for publications like Sony Online Entertainment's EverQuest.

Throughout her professional journey, Merika held significant positions such as a Style Columnist for CBS News online and served as a former Style Expert at Kim Kardashian's She also founded and led M. Rock Style, operating as the Chief Stylist and Photographer.

Merika's styling portfolio extended to a wide array of clientele, ranging from character actors, reality TV personalities, wrestling icons, and sports figures, to models from across the globe. Her expertise catered to notable personalities like Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and two-time Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning.

She provided comprehensive style services to models, actors, and musicians, offering support in fashion, hair, makeup, and photography across various media formats such as TV, film, music albums, and music videos. Her skills were also sought after by private clients seeking personalized styling and photography services.

In celebrity interview production, Merika contributed to Maria Menounos' Broadband Media Network - AfterBuzz TV. Her responsibilities included filming and producing red-carpet interview segments for the network, covering acclaimed shows like ABC’s Dancing With The Stars and The Bachelor franchises.

In 2016, she ventured into the art of Paleo Cooking, starring in a series of online cooking videos for two seasons, collaborating with co-host JC Rubio in the second season. The series was available on Instagram @PaleoGoddess, showcasing her dedication to culinary arts.

Most recently, Merika transitioned into the realm of entrepreneurship. She took on the role of a creative director and became a part owner of We Got Talent LLC. Simultaneously, she established her own company, Kiss Me Vegas, where she operates as the business owner and a 5-times certified beauty technician, adding further dimensions to her already impressive career accomplishments.


Merika Rock & Kim Kardashian

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