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Merika Rock


A dedicated professional with years of experience as brand builder, content creator, marketer, and sales representative. Other expertise include on-camera personality/on-camera cooking host, celebrity fashion stylist/image consultant, red carpet celebrity interview producer, video editor, web designer, photographer, event hostess, model, and experiential marketing professional.


Merika first burst onto the scene as an illustrative art model hired for her ability to portray an assortment of ethnicities. Being born of an eclectic mix of Mexican, German, and Cherokee decent, she found herself modeling for such covers as Sony Online Entertainment's EverQuest​. 


She has been a Style Columnist for CBS News online, a former Style Expert for Kim Kardashian’s, and Founder, Chief Stylist, and Photographer of M. Rock Style. 

Merika has styled an array of character actors, reality TV faces, wrestling superstars, sports figures, and models from around the world. She has had the opportunity to provide style services for such names as Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner, to sports legend and two-time Super Bowl champion Payton Manning to name a few.


She has assisted models, actors and musicians with fashion, hair, makeup, and photography services for model shoots, TV, film, music albums and music videos. She also works with private clients as a personal stylist and photographer.

Merika has produced celebrity interview coverage for E News Host Maria Menounos' Broadband Media Network -  AfterBuzz TV.  She's both filmed and produced red carpet interview segments for the network with TV Host JC Rubio. She has covered such shows as ABC’s Dancing With The Stars and The Bachelor franchises.

In 2016 she launched her newest passion, which is the art of Paleo Cooking. For two seasons now Merika has starred in a series of online cooking videos.. This includes bringing on her co-host JC Rubio leading into the second season. You can catch the series currently on Instagram @PaleoGoddess. 

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Merika Rock & Kim Kardashian

Happy To Have Provided Styling, Photography, And/Or Video Production To Stars Affiliated With These Brands 
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